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In a world characterized by stringent regulations and compliance rules, it has become increasingly critical for organizations to promptly and accurately verify personnel licenses and certifications. They want to have complete visibility and control of their workforces’ compliance programs, while coordinating automatic tracking and management of licenses and certifications with primary source verification. Fortunately, technology is providing organizations with solution to help them with license and certification verification.

Certemy is a trusted tool for many of the largest US employers, saving them time, mitigating risks, and improving staff utilization. From real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one system of record to improved visibility and productivity across the entire organization, Certemyseeks to provide powerful and extensive solutions to serve your compliance needs.

The certification verification process is streamlined, allowing the business to spend less time managing regulatory compliance functions. After the initial set-up, certificates, licenses, and other credentials are continuous monitored, eliminating the manual need to establish when they are next due for renewal.

Certemy offers its own suite of best practices to help organizations maximize their license verification services. For instance, they suggest using automated workflows that are customizable with features such as electronic sign offs, notifications, and reminders to ensure any necessary steps are followed. Another suggestion is to set up recurring reminders or notifications with expiration dates that make sure important tasks are taken care of and flags are raised if needed.

Certemy also provides organizations the option to outsource these tasks to a reliable partner. This gives them the time to focus on the core activities, while specialist personnel takes care of back-end functions like license and certification management.

In summary, Certemys automated license verification and management solution streamlines verification processes and offers organizations the necessary support to manage compliance. It also ensures that healthcare providers, finance specialists, and other relevant personnel have the appropriate mandates to perform their duties with a valid license.


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