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As health care organizations expand their focus to meet the demands of their growing and changing patient populations, it is important to ensure that their staff members are qualified to provide the highest quality of care. Without careful attention to credentialing and licensing processes, often time-consuming and labor intensive tasks, healthcare organizations can find themselves in violation of state or federal regulations.

Certemy is a comprehensive licensing and certificate verification system that provides complete visibility and control for workforce compliance programs. Automated primary source verification eliminates time-consuming manual processes to ensure that employee licenses or certifications are active, appropriately renewed, and unaffected by any disciplinary action or sanctions. The real-time tracking of employee credentials in one centralized system ensures accuracy, accountability, and compliance with the law. By leveraging workflow automation capabilities that are fully customizable, certifications and licenses can be applied in an expeditious manner.

Organizations using Certemy can achieve numerous advantages. First, the automated license tracking and verification provides a significant time savings by eliminating the need for the costly and time-consuming manual process of validating employee credentials. Additionally, the automated system ensures the accuracy of licenses and certifications, which helps to diminish the risk of an employee providing services without the necessary certification or license. It also helps to improve staff utilization and streamline the process of deploying personnel. Certemys custom workflows are an invaluable aid in the often onerous task of updating and stress of tracking employee license renewals.

The features of Certemy provide even more advantages for healthcare organizations. Managers and HR personnel have access to dashboards in real-time, allowing them to view the status of certifications for each employee and track the progress of license applications and renewal efforts. The system is accessible from anywhere with internet connectivity, providing a further time savings benefit for to those who traverse to medical facilities in multiple locations. Certemy also provides an extra level of security as all electronic documents are stored on secure, cloud-based servers.

Leading employers across the US rely on Certemy as its trusted license verification and tracking system. All Certemysystems are certified by third-party organizations, providing an extra layer of reliability. With Certemy, healthcare institutions receive the essential automation needed to reduce the amount of human resources spent on credential tracking and verification and improve staff utilization. Ultimately, the Certemysystem gives healthcare organizations the power to be ensured that their employees have the necessary credentials to provide exceptional care to their patients without worrying about compliance issues.


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