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Finding the right employee is essential to the success of any business. As organizations become larger, it is increasingly more important to validate and maintain licenses and certifications across your employees. This is where Certemy comes in, a leader in License Verification that provides a primary source verification system to help validate occupational licenses and certifications. This system helps organizations significantly reduce the time spent searching and verifying, while improving the accuracy of license information.

What is Certemy?

Certemy is a platform that enables human resources operations to manage and validate occupational licenses and certifications for employees. The system is powered by primary source verification utilizing proprietary technologies to ensure both the accuracy and relevancy of the license information.

Certemy handles the complete lifecycle of license management, from the initial gathering of employee license information to the tracking and validation of licenses. The system also provides automated alerts when licenses are nearing their expiration date, helping companies save time and effort in maintaining their employees license Compliance.

The Benefits of Certemy

The benefits of using Certemy include:

Complete Visibility: Organizations are provided with complete visibility and control over their workforce compliance requirements.

Real-Time Tracking: All employee licenses and credentials are tracked in one system of record in real-time.

Improve Team Productivity: Pre-built workflows are provided to automate the license application process, increasing team productivity and improving visibility across the organization.

Risk Mitigation: Organizations can reduce their risk with automated license tracking and primary source verification.

The Certification Verification Process

The process of certification verification starts with the gathering of employee license information, such as an employees name, license number, state of licensure, and expiration date. This information is then inputted into the Certemysystem, where it is validated and checked against the primary source?s records. Once completed, the information is added to the employees profile in the system, and a report is generated indicating the license status.

The Certemysystem also helps to track the expiration dates of employee licenses, and sends automated alerts when they are soon due to expire. This helps to ensure that employee licenses are kept up-to-date, and that any required renewals are completed in a timely manner. Additionally, the Certemysystem allows for centrally managed reports that offer complete visibility into any license-related issues.


Certemy provides organizations with the tools they need to effectively manage and validate employee licensing and certifications. The system is powered by a primary source verification method that ensures accuracy and relevancy of employee license information and can streamline the process of license management significantly. By allowing for automated tracking, alerts, and reports, Certemy can save organizations both time and money, while providing peace of mind that their workforce has the appropriate licenses and certifications in place.


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