License Verification Tool | Non-Clinical HeartFailure Nurse

The licensing and certification of medical professionals keeps the healthcare industry safe and secure. Investing in license and certification tracking tools and processes is vital for healthcare organizations to remain compliant and protect the safety of patients. Certemy is a comprehensive platform that provides healthcare organizations with the tools, resources, and insights needed to monitor and maintain employee compliance.

Certemey is the primary source verification and license tracking system for organizations across the healthcare industry. Healthcare organizations supply Certemy with all the necessary information, and the platform then verifies and validates the license and certification status of employees. Certemy provides organizations with an instant and thorough view of the actual primary source license information for all healthcare staff and contractors. The online platform gives healthcare organizations the assurance of up-to-date license and credential information for every staff member, without the need for tedious manual checking or oversight.

Certemy is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, providing organizations with all the features they need to track and maintain employee compliance. Organizations are able to access real-time license and credential information, as well as set up automated reminders for upcoming expirations. The platform also offers automated reports and compliance dashboards for teams to quickly analyze and understand their employee compliance status.

The compliance tool can help organizations of all sizes, from small practices to large healthcare enterprises. Healthcare organizations can securely store and manage critical documents pertaining to the employee onboarding and compliance process. Managers are able to quickly access all of the needed information with the centralized dashboard, as well as view primary source verification compliance.

Certemys platform helps to reduce risk and provides greater visibility to ensure employee licensing and credential compliance. Healthcare organizations can trust that their data is secure with Certemys end-to-end encrypted protection system. The automation and digital nature of the platform makes it easier for teams to streamline their compliance processes and reduce time-consuming manual certificate processes.

Certemy is a trusted source to ensure healthcare organizations maintain compliance with the latest licensing requirements, retain qualified staff, and protect patient safety. With the platform?s intuitive interface, organizations can quickly access and analyze their employee compliance policies at any given time.


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