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In an era filled with occupations that require special certifications, professional licenses, or degrees, companies must stay abreast of the licenses their staff holds in order to ensure compliance with laws and regulations. With so many different licensure requirements to manage and maintain, ensuring that every employee is correctly credentialed can be challenging and time-consuming. Traditionally, companies relied on manual input and out of date records to ensure their workforce was compliant. With Certemy, however, automated primary source verification helps streamline the compliance process and ensure businesses are up to date on their employees? credentials.

Certemy is an automated primary source license verification service that helps ensure a companies workforce is up to date and compliant with licensure requirements. With the platform, companies have visibility into their employee records and can quickly and easily verify professional licenses and certifications. Primary source verification ensures that employees? credentials are actively up to date and sanctions against employees? licenses are brought to light.

Certemystreamlines the process of verifying and renewing employee licenses, helping companies save time and reduce overhead costs. The platform automatically tracks and manages licenses, providing visibility and control into a companies workforce compliance program. Automated license tracking through primary source verification ensures that no credential is overlooked and deadlines are not missed. Pre-built workflows within the platform are fully configurable for custom automation of the licensing application process, making it easy for companies to keep up with their employees? credentials.

Employees benefit from Certemy as well, as their credentials are securely stored in the platform and accessible to employers and agencies. They can easily store information from different organizations and attest to their licensure online. The platform helps keep employees up to date and informed of credential changes and license expiration dates.

The secure platform provides real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one system of record, and can be integrated with existing applicant tracking, HRIS, and payroll systems. This improves team productivity and visibility across the organization, allowing companies to more easily keep up with their compliance demands and the changing regulatory landscape.

Certemy is trusted by some of the largest employers in the U.S. for its reliable system of record for verifying credentials. With increasing compliance regulations, companies must have access to a dependable platform to track and validate the credentials of their employees. Certemy helps make managing credentials easy and provides integrated and automated primary source verification.


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