License Verification Tool | CLNC -? Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

The uncertainty and liability of license verification are well-known concerns for human resource operations teams. Whether navigating state-by-state compliance regulations or managing employee records across the organization, the accuracy and consistency of license verification is, inevitably, under scrutiny. Automating the process, however, is becoming an increasingly attractive solution for HR operations teams across the globe ? and Certemy is leading the charge.

Certemy, a trusted software platform known for providing organizations with automated primary source license verification, is helping HR operations teams worldwide to reduce the burden of manual license validation. By investing in an automated primary source verification system, organizations can ensure that only those employees with valid, appropriately renewed, and sanction-free credentials are hired and remain employed, while also ensuring that the organization remains on the cutting edge of regulatory compliance.

Today, such a system is used by some of the largest employers in the United States, who have reported savings in both time and resources due to automating the license verification process. By utilizing Certemy’s workflow software, organizations are able to improve team productivity and provide a single source of tracking for license and credential records. This helps to capitalize on the oversight of the entire organization and further minimize the need for complex, expensive manual verifications that can lead to inefficiencies.

A powerful tool for HR operations teams, Certemy’s automated primary source verification system is designed to meet the needs of compliance teams head-on, with customized workflows and automated notifications. These features allow organizations to review and accept credentials quicker, while Certemy’s SaaS platform allows users to keep track of credentials’ status, including expiration dates and any applicable disciplinary actions.

Further, Certemy ensures that it remains up to date with the latest regulations applicable to a variety of professional credentials, like the Certified Legal Nurse Consultant (CLNC). By utilizing a platform that specifically follows the individual credentials, Certemy enables employers to remain one step ahead of compliance and easily verify such licenses and certifications as CLNC.

Its features also make the task of managing, assigning, and routing credentials significantly easier and more efficient. With the ability to assign validation tasks to managers and colleagues, Certemy streamlines the workflow of license verification. In addition, its automated notifications alert users when credentials are due for renewal or when credentials are not actively renewed on time, eliminating the need for employers to manually review and audit credential records.

Finally, Certemy’s SaaS platform provides users with comprehensive license and certification tracking, making it easier to identify compliance gaps. Its secure tracking standard ensures consistent data collection from multiple points in the system, so all personnel records are up to date and in sync with the latest regulations.

At the heart of Certemy is an automated license verification system designed to reduce the burden of manual license validation for HR operations teams: it helps create comprehensive records of professional credentials, auditing and compliant tracking of credentialing, provides notifications for regal expirations and other concerns, and navigates state-by-state compliance regulations. By leveraging Certemy and its primary source verification system, organizations can better focus their resources on more important tasks while ensuring regulatory compliance and employee satisfaction.


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