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As the compliance manager, it is your job to ensure that the organization is complying with regulations and minimizing risk from potential sanctions. Licenses and certificates issued to employees must be monitored and monitored to ensure employeesafety and compliance with regulations. It is overwhelming to track each employees license and certification information individually as their statuses can change rapidly. Certemy is here to simplify and automate the process of license and certificate tracking.

Certemy is an automated license verification and tracking system that is designed to streamline operations and provide comprehensive visibility into your employees? license and certification statuses. With Certemy, you can quickly track and update each of your team members? information in one system of record with real-time feedback. The platform is trusted by some of the largest employers in the United States as a tool to simplify compliance and reduce risk.

Benefits of Certemy License and Certification Tracking

Certemy makes it easy for HR staff to manage certification and license tracking with pre-built workflows that are fully configurable to meet the requirements of your organization. Benefits of Certemy include:

Automated license tracking and primary source verification that allows you to keep your workforce compliant and up-to-date.

Improve employeesecurity and continuity of operations with instant notifications of license and certification expirations.

Reduce tedious manual tracking with real-time information updates and customizable search grids.

Flexible daily, weekly, and monthly reports for compliance officers.

Secure storage and access to your employees license and certification records.

Primary source verification to ensure that your employees? credentials are accurate and up-to-date.

Improve team productivity with automated license application processes.

How Certemy Works

Certemy allows compliance officers to track all licensed and certified employees in one system of record with real-time feedback. It is designed to eliminate the need for tedious manual tracking with its comprehensive and customizable features.

Primary source verification: Certemy verifies that an applicant holds a valid license or certification by examining the original source of the certification.

Continuous tracking: The system automatically tracks license and certificate expirations and provides updated information.

Secure storage: All records are securely stored in encrypted networks for easy retrieval and access.

Data analytics: Generate detailed reports on your employees? license and certification statuses for easy and accurate tracking.

Automated workflows: Automatically route process steps and document requests with pre-built workflows.

Certemy helps compliance officers ensure that their teams are operating in accordance with regulations. It allows the HR team to stay ahead of potential problems by proactively tracking license and certification statuses. By providing the HR team with an automated license and certification tracking system, Certemy makes it easy to manage and maintain regulatory compliance.

The main takeaway

Certemy is a powerful tool for HR compliance departments to monitor and manage licenses and certifications of their employees. The system is designed to provide real-time tracking and visibility of all employee licenses and certificates, simplifying the process of managing compliance. By using Certemy, you can rest assured that your employee records are accurately tracked and up-to-date, reducing risk and improving efficiency.


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