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Licensing verification is a crucial step in the process of ensuring that people are allowed to perform specific roles, professions and functions. Failing to verify that a person is compliant with all necessary laws and regulations can lead to financial losses, legal risks, reputation damage and worse. Certemy is a leading provider of automated primary source verification that can help protect businesses and organizations by automatically tracking and verifying licenses and certifications in one system of record and staying ahead of regulatory compliance.

Certified Wound Care Associates (CWCA) are healthcare professionals who have specialized training in the wound care specialty. They can be physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and clinical nurse specialists or licensed practical nurses who have obtained certification from the National Alliance of Wound Care and Ostomy (WCO). To be eligible for CDCA, they must meet all prerequisIt is, become educated in wound care, and pass the WCO exam. Certifying wound care associates is a complex process, and ensuring compliance with all the necessary requirements is a crucial aspect of quality assurance.

Certemys primary source verification helps organizations verify that certifying wound care associates have all the necessary qualifications and certifications. This automated system simplifies the verification process, validates the credentials and ensures that all professional licenses are active, appropriately renewed, and free of sanctions or other disciplinary actions. It is the most reliable way to guarantee compliance with all the necessary protocols and regulations that govern this specialty area.

The benefits of automated license and certification tracking and verification are numerous. Certemy provides total visibility and control of an organizations workforce compliance program. It istreamlines the tracking and renewal of licenses and certifications, and improves staff utilization and productivity with pre-built workflows that can be used to automate the license application and renewal process.

By automating license tracking and primary source verification, Certemy helps protect employers against potential risk and liability. It helps ensure accuracy and decreases the time it takes to verify credentials, leading to greater confidence that employees are qualified and legally allowed to perform their roles.

When businesses and organizations need a comprehensive system to manage license and certification tracking and verification, they turn to Certemy. The system supports businesses in both health care and non-healthcare settings, for small teams and large organizations alike. Its built-in security protocols keep data secure and private, and its dashboards provide complete visibility into license and certification compliance.

Certemy provides a comprehensive solution for businesses that need to ensure the training/qualifications of their employees. Whether It is for wound care associates or any other profession that requires specific certifications, Certemys automated primary source verification ensures that the right qualifications are present and up-to-date.


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