License Verification Tool | Nursing Case Management Certification

As a compliance lead, you are likely familiar with the concept of license verification. License verification is the process of confirming that an employee or contractor holds valid and active credentials or certifications. This process can be especially important in the case of health care providers, such as Nursing Case Managers. Primary source verification is one of the most reliable methods of verifying the license or credentials of an individual.

Certemy is an automated primary source verification tool, designed to ensure that your workforce and organization is in full compliance with all licensing requirements. With Certemy, you can easily keep track of employee credentials and licenses, and can ensure that they are kept up-to-date and free of any disciplinary measures. Whether you are running a small business or large enterprise, Certemy can help take the responsibility of license tracking off of your teams plate and reduce the risk of any non-compliance penalties from state or federal regulators.

The platform works by automatically tracking and verifying credential and license information. This helps ensure that any required licenses or certifications are still active and up-to-date. Certemy has pre-built workflows and processes that are fully customizable, so you can configure the tool exactly to your organizations needs.

Certemy also helps streamline onboarding and license management processes. It keeps all relevant license information such as expiration dates and disciplinary actions in one place, so you have a complete overview of your workforce compliance program. This makes it much easier to keep an eye on employee licenses and credentials, and helps to save you time and money. It also helps you stay one step ahead of regulatory compliance. The platform comes with automated tracking of the status of employee licenses, so you don?t have to worry about whether they are up-to-date.

Certemy offers a complete solution for license and credential tracking. It makes it easy to manage employee credentials and keep up-to-date with license requirements. With Certemy, you can save time and money, while keeping your organization in compliance with state and federal regulators.


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