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The information age is driving an increasing need for agility, speed, and accuracy in the way that Human Resources (HR) departments interact with their workforces. As businesses grow and their staff profiles become more diverse, so too does their responsibility to ensure compliance and keep up with regulations. That?s why more and more organizations are turning to third-party, primary-source verification of their workforce as a sound strategy for staying on top of employee qualifications and certifications.

Certemy is a leading provider of primary source verification for occupational licenses and certifications. The tool allows employers to quickly verify employee credentials, ensuring that they are up-to-date and free from any potential legal or disciplinary problems. Certemy frees HR from the time and hassle of manual license tracking and gives administrators detailed information on which employee credentials need to be renewed and when.

The Certemysystem is intuitive and user-friendly. It is fully integrated with a single system of record, allowing HR personnel to easily keep track of employees? credentials across the entire organization. With their built-in workflows, administrators can easily configure license application processes and automate license tracking.

Moreover, by automating license tracking, Certemy allows HR to leverage valuable time that can be used for other strategic work instead of undergoing cumbersome manual operations. This also leads to improved staff utilization as higher visibility is given to the entire organization.

Certemys primary-source verification system includes the following:

? Automated license tracking and primary source verification for occupational licenses and certifications

? Real-time tracking of employee credentials

? Pre-built workflows configurable to automate license application processes

? Convenient access to license and credential records in one system of record

? Improved staff utilization and greater visibility of the workplace

The use of a primary source verification system like Certemy is important to ensure that businesses stay on top of compliance and regulations. With the ongoing changes to HR operations, it is now more important than ever to ensure that organizations are verifying their staff?s credentials and certifications. This can be made much simpler with the robust automation provided by Certemy.

It is also important to remember that sadly, primary-source verification is not enough. Companies need to take preventative and corrective measures such as employee background checks and education to truly ensure their workforce is qualified and compliant. By doing so, employers can rest easy, knowing that they have taken all the steps necessary to protect their organization and their employees.


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