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As organizations expand in size and scope, it is essential for HR personnel and compliance leads to ensure their workers have the appropriate certifications and licenses. That’s where Certemy comes in. Certemys automated primary source verification system makes it easy and cost-effective to validate your employees? occupational licenses and certifications, eliminating the need for manual processes that can take weeks or months.

Certemy is a comprehensive license tracking and primary source verification system that provides complete visibility and control of your workforce compliance program. It automatically tracks and stores licensing information, ensuring that all data is securely stored in a single repository and can be accessed anywhere in the world. Certemy also has a powerful automated workflow engine that can be used to automate license application processes, helping to expedite the process and ensure accurate and timely completion of paperwork.

Certify is used by some of the largest employers in the United States and helps to reduce time-consuming manual processes while providing reliable assurance that the workforce is up to date with the most current licensing requirements. This automated system also allows employers to monitor their workforce compliance program in real-time, gaining valuable insights into their labor relations and ensuring that all the necessary resources are in place and the employees have the correct credentials.

Certemy has multiple levels of authentication, including two-factor authentication and email verification, to better protect the data stored in the system. It also enables enterprises to set up customized approval workflows, ensuring that all licensing requirements are thoroughly and accurately checked before any action is taken.

The user-friendly interface of Certemy makes it easy to keep accurate records of employee licenses, allowing users to quickly and easily identify any potential compliance issues and take the necessary steps to correct them. Employees can also access their license information at any time, enabling them to quickly provide employers with the proper documentation if needed.

Certemy also provides users with access to primary source databases. By aggregating primary source databases, users can quickly gain an up-to-date picture of the compliance landscape, helping them to identify any potential issues and make informed decisions. With Certemy, users can be sure that they are compliant and that their workforce is well-equipped to provide the highest-quality service to their organization.

Regardless of the size of your business, Certemy can make sure that all necessary credentials are up to date and verified, ensuring that your workforce complies with all local and national regulations. The automated processes and secure data storage provided by Certemy make it the ideal solution for any organization that values security and compliance above all else.


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