License Verification Tool | Certified Professional in Healthcare Risk Management

Good business practices require employers to employ staff and personnel who carry the appropriate licenses and certifications for their specific roles. With professional health care risk management, ensuring these are up-to-date and active is critical both for the safety of everyone involved but also for regulatory compliance. To ensure this is managed, more and more companies are now turning to automated primary source license verification with Certemy.

Certemy offers an automated system for verifying occupational licenses and certifications, such as those associated with healthcare risk management. Their software eliminates the need for manual data entry and streamlines the process of keeping up with license renewals and the flagging of workers with sanction and disciplinary actions.

Certemy tracks all of a business?s license and certification records in a single system of record, giving them in-depth visibility and control over their companies compliance programs. Complex workflows can be built out to automate license applications to help ensure that operations are running smoothly. In addition, the system tracks them on an ongoing basis to make sure that any changes, such as a license or certification expiring, can be handled quickly and easily.

In addition, Certemy is one of the most trusted licenses verification systems used by the biggest employers in the United States, with guaranteed accuracy of the data It isupplies. By taking care of the verification process, HR departments are freed up from having to complete manual or time-consuming administrative tasks, and can focus on more core parts of their business.

Certemy guarantees a great return on investment, with their software quickly paying off in employee efficiency, staff utilisation, and compliance reduced costs due to the near real-time tracking of licenses and certifications. As the verification process is automated, the risk of errors and violation slips being overlooked is reduced, meaning tighter compliance and reduced risk overall.

By choosing Certemy to streamline and manage the license and certification verification process, businesses benefit from a quick and easy set-up, as well as an all-in-one system for over-arching visibility and control. Not only does this boost business efficiency, but it can also greatly reduce costs, meaning a healthier bottom line.


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