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Achieving and maintaining regulatory Compliance in professional sectors can be a daunting, time-consuming task that takes up valuable resources that often go overlooked. Not only are employers required to keep abreast of license renewal completion dates, but also legally exposed to the risk of hiring candidates with valid, but lapsed, certifications. To satisfy needs across the board, the need for an automated system to help alleviate compliance worries is very much a reality.

Enter Certemy, the premier provider of online license Verification services. The primary purpose of Certemy is to empower employers to verify key license information and credentials of their staffs in one centralized location. Not only does Certemy track and manage license information, but it also provides a fast and efficient way to verify the status of all the certifications the company hires. The system is designed to be highly secure, and to allow organizations to stay compliant and reduce their legal risk.

For compliance officers and human resource departments alike, Certemy is a great way to save time, mitigate risk, improve staff utilization and visibility, and provide real-time tracking of personnel certification credentials in one system of record. As well, the application processes are highly configurable and can be tailored to any organizations specific needs. Licensed professionals entering any Certemy-enabled program can be sure their credentials have been properly authenticated.

The Certemysystem does much of the legwork for human resources departments, starting with the automated process to ensure the completeness and accuracy of license applications. It is designed to reduce clerical errors while providing a secure environment to store and process data. Companies also have the ability to quickly identify and retrieve any required documents for verification. Furthermore, Certemy is compliant with national privacy and data protection standards.

Once a candidate has finished entering their data into the Certemysystem, employers can then review and verify the results in an automated process. The system has the capability to present a real-time status of any license or certification, ensuring that employees only have the credentials that are valid and up to date. With the improved feedback loops, employers can decrease the amount of time taken to verify if a license has been renewed or if an employee is still practicing with the correct certification.

Additionally, Certemy allows organizations to track and manage any certifications and licenses issued by its own business. This tool helps bridge the gap between administrative data and operationally involved processes. Companies have the ability to set and modify automation rules, determine the timing of specific tasks and prioritize high value activities, streamlining the ways the staff?s credentials are tracked, managed, and renewed.

Certemy has revolutionized the way credentials are tracked and managed, simplifying the compliance landscape. By deeming the verification process fast, secure, and convenient, the system has paved the way for organizations to stay compliant with rapid, reliable verification.


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