License Verification Tool | Dental Hygienist

Professional credentials are a cornerstone of the modern work environment, especially in the healthcare profession. The need to properly vet and verify the qualifications of a dental hygienist is vital to ensure quality patient care and regulatory compliance. Certemy is revolutionizing the way that HR Operations departments vet and track professional credentials with an automated credential tracking verification system.

Many different clinical healthcare and industry credentials must be tracked and updated to stay compliant with regulatory laws and the employer’s standard of care. Verifying that a dental hygienist hold the necessary license and certifications for the job position, as well as confirming that they are active, up-to-date and free from any disciplinary action is critical. Certemys automated credential tracking system provides employers with complete visibility and control of their employee compliance program, ensuring accurate tracking of licenses and certifications.

Certemys system of record provides HR departments with real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials, helping to improve team productivity and increase visibility across the organization. Employers benefit from automated license application processes, complete with pre-built workflows that can be configured to suit their individual organizational needs. Once credentials have been submitted by the employee, Certemy will confirm accuracy and authenticity through its automated primary source verification system.

Tasks that use to take weeks can now be completed in a matter of days. The automated system of Certemy means that human resources teams no longer need to search multiple record systems from multiple providers and agencies, taking up precious time. Human resources teams save time and mitigate any potential risk of an inaccurate background check by leveraging Certemys comprehensive suite of automation solutions enabling efficient & flexible continual compliance across the entire organization.

Certemy has delivered tangible benefits to some of the largest employers in the United States of America, helping them to save time, mitigate risk, and improve staff utilization. Certemys automated credential tracking system ensures accuracy and credentials are accurately verified and up-to-date, reducing the risk of regulatory non-compliants due to mis-verification of credentials.

Through Certemys automated credential tracking system, employers have the peace of mind that their employees are compliant and up-to-date, as well as benefiting from a more efficient review and recruitment process. Certemys automated system provides continuous updates, ensuring the credentials and certifications of your team are always accurate, valid and up-to-date.


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