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Navigating occupational licensing and certification requirements for a variety of job roles can be a daunting task for any organization. It requires continual tracking and monitoring to ensure compliance with the relevant regulatory bodies.

Certemy, an industry-leading license sand certification validation platform, helps companies navigate that journey by automating the process of verifying and tracking credentials. Its comprehensive primary source verification system allows organizations to have real-time visibility into the validation and renewal of all occupational licenses and certificates, helping them to stay ahead of the curve on regulatory compliance.

Certemys unique automated license verification system allows users to gain visibility and control of their organizations compliance program. The system helps in automating, tracking, and managing all licenses and certifications with primary source verification. Users can gain real-time insights into license and credential renewals, increasing productivity across the organization.

Most companies spend a considerable amount of time tracking employee licenses and credentials. This process can become especially arduous when larger-scale queries come into play, such as tracking both renewals and active license statuses. To better manage this process, Certemy has developed a system of record that offers real-time tracking of employee credentials. Pre-built workflows and configurations are available to users to make the process as seamless as possible.

Certemy also provides a licensing dashboard, which displays the current status of each employees credentials. It ishowcases any potential issues that may arise, and also flags any credentials that must be renewed or are soon expiring. It is a go-to destination for any questions employers may have about their employees licenses and credentials.

Overall, Certemys automated license verification platform is a powerful compliance tool that ensures organizations are in compliance with all relevant regulations. Its comprehensive program, pre-built workflow, and real-time tracking features make it the go-to choice for large and medium-sized companies. Both human resource and compliance leadership can rest assured that employee license information is up to date and accurate.


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