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In the modern workforce, staying compliant with regulatory requirements through effective license verification is essential for businesses. An outdated manual process of verifying each employees credentials can be laborious and risky. Certemy provides license verification services through their industry-leading automated primary source verification system. This system helps to validate occupational licenses and certifications across an employee base, ensuring that all employees are active and free of malpractice or disciplinary action.

Certemy works as a trusted partner for many of the largest U.S. employers, helping them save time and money while reducing the risk of compliance violations. The system is easily integrated into existing business processes and comes with a range of features including automated license tracking, workflow automation, and real-time visibility. This article will dive into some of the Certemys features and outline how it can help businesses stay compliant and ahead of the regulatory curve.

Certemys Automated License Tracking System

The core of the Certemysystem lies in its automated license tracking system, which functions as a single source of record for employee credentials. It automates the process of verifying and tracking employee licenses and certifications and makes it easier to manage any compliance related items. It also ensures accuracy and can identify any discrepancies quickly.

Employers will also have the ability to compare their existing workforce against the latest state and federal regulations. This ensures that a company is in compliance with all relevant regulations and does not put them at risk of any fines or sanctions. The system also integrates well with existing HR and compliance-related processes, allowing for streamlined efficiency across the organization.

Workflow Automation That Saves Time and Money

Certemys license verification system not only automates the tracking process but also comes with workflow automation features. This allows a business to automate its license application processes which can save both time and money. With built-in workflows, the system can easily move through each step of the application process. From collecting initial credentials to verifying information and then generating license or certification cards, the system can handle each step efficiently. Additionally, the pre-built workflows are fully configurable. This allows employers to customize them to handle specific scenarios and organization requirements.

Keep Up With The Fast-Moving Regulatory Landscape

The regulatory landscape is constantly changing and staying on top of it is a challenge for any employer. Without Certemy, employers would need to continuously research and update their license and certification processes to ensure they are compliant. With Certemys automated primary source verification system, staying on top of the regulatory changes is easy. The system is always updated with the latest regulations and will alert employers of any necessary changes or discrepancies. This can help ensure businesses maintain compliance and remain ahead of the curve.

Closing ideas

Certemys primary source verification system is a powerful tool for any employer looking to stay compliant and ahead of the regulatory curve. With automated license tracking and workflow automation, employers can save time and money while mitigating risk. The system is also always up to date, alerting employers of any necessary changes. Whether an organization is just getting started or already has an established compliance program in place, Certemy can help to easily manage both.


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