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The complexity of occupational licensing rules, varying state regulations and the need to keep up with regularly changing credentials versus professional roles can pose a huge challenge to business owners and human resource professionals today. Keeping up with these regulations and staying compliant can become a major source of stress and can heavily impact an organizations bottom line. Certemys automated license Verification system is designed to help employers mitigate risk while streamlining their workflow and improving the accuracy of license and certification management.

What Is a License Verification System?

A license verification system is a tool that allows employers to review and verify the current status of any employees licenses and certifications. Employers are then able to keep track of the expiration dates, and be aware of any possible disciplinary action or violation that could happen. The system helps employers in ensuring that all their employees are properly trained and credentialed. This further helps in reducing the risk of potential legal issues.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Certemys Automated Verification System?

Certemys automated license verification system offers a variety of benefits to help employers maintain Compliance and stay organized.

1. Increased Visibility and Control

Certemys automated license verification system provides employers with complete visibility and control of their workforce compliance program. This ensures that all employees are actively participating in the necessary training and credential requirements and that the program is being properly managed and updated.

2. Automated Tracking and Management of Licenses and Certifications

The system provides employers with the ability to automatically track and manage licenses and certifications. This helps in making sure that all employees are up to date with the necessary requirements without having to manually review and update each employees credentials.

3. Stay Ahead of Regulatory Compliance

Using an automated license tracking and primary source verification system helps employers stay ahead of regulatory compliance. This is because the system automatically updates the status of employee credentials and ensures that all employees are maintaining the correct licensing and certifications.

4. Monitor in Real-Time

The system allows employers to track and monitor employee licenses and credentials in real-time. This helps employers remain aware of any changes to the status of their employees licenses and certifications.

5. Improved Team Productivity and Visibility Across The Organization

Being able to easily track and manage employee licenses and certifications means that employers will have improved team productivity and visibility across the entire organization. This ensures that employees are always up to date on the necessary training and credentials.

6. Pre-Built Workflows

Certemys automated license verification system comes with pre-built workflows that are fully customizable. This makes it easy for employers to automate the process of tracking and verifying employees licenses and certifications.

In the end

Using Certemys automated license verification system brings a variety of benefits to employers. It helps employers stay compliant with changing regulations, improve team productivity, and have better visibility of their workforce. This automated system is designed to help employers mitigate risk while streamlining their workflow and accurately tracking employees certification and license status.


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