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Employees today enjoy a greater degree of flexibility when it comes to their professional development. Thanks to the proliferation of new roles, credentials, and certifications in various industries, an individual can quickly pivot from one speciality to another. As a result, organizations must ensure their staff remain in compliance with any government regulations related to license and certification requirements. This can pose an administrative conundrum to Human Resources departments, as keeping track of all employee credentials is typically tedious, costly, and prone to errors.

Certemy is transforming the way HR departments manage employee license and certification requirements with ease. As a tech platform, Certemy is a one-stop-shop that automates this entire process and simplifies the complex process of compliance. With the use of innovative technology, human resources are now able to quickly verify the license credentials of their employees with no minimum effort.

The platform employs primary source verification to provide managers, supervisors, and HR staff with the most secure and accurate license verification process possible. It employs patented, built-in security protocols that detect any discrepancies in employee credentials, ensuring up-to-date license status is immediately available for review.

Certemy makes the entire license and credentials certification process more efficient. By fully automating the process from the start, HR departments can save time by quickly on-boarding new employees and drastically reduce the chances of any erroneous applications. Additionally, they are able to leverage pre-built workflows that are fully configurable to expedite license applications.

HR departments are now also able to identify non-compliance and take proactive steps to avoid any missteps or issues related to occupational licenses and certifications. Having an automated license tracking tool in place is key to verifying employees? credentials and to ensuring organizations remain compliant with legal regulations.

Managers and supervisors are now equipped with the information they need to make sure that their staff are consistently up-to-date with licensing requirements. This is especially important in the healthcare industry, where the doctor to patient ratio must remain in a balanced state. A system of real-time tracking of employee credentials allows HR departments better control and insights into the workforce workforce compliance program.

This new system of record provides individuals from the human resources operations perspective with improved team agility and visibility. It employs a comprehensive data set of occupational licenses and certificates validates with primary source primary source verification that is easily integrated with existing HR software.

Certemys license verification system is built with privacy and security in mind, providing users with control and ownership of their data. The use of Certemysimplifies and handles the entire license application process and drastically reduces any manual effort – all it takes is a few clicks of a button.

Overall, Certemys License Verification platform is an all-in-one tool that is incredibly useful for organizations of all sizes and industries. It is a great tool to help streamline the process of license and credential verification while complying with legal regulations, saving time, and reducing any errors or discrepancies.


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