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As an electrical contractor, maintaining a valid license to practice is essential to ensure safety and legality, especially in the United States. Unfortunately, staying compliant can be incredibly difficult when manual processes like manually checking for license renewals, or tracking disciplinary actions against a person?s license, can take up a great deal of time and effort. Fortunately, there?s Certemy.

Certemy provides a license verification service that automates the entire legal compliance process for electrical contractors. By using primary source verification, Certemys software ensures that the licenses of electrical contractors are up to date, as well as free from any ethical impropriety or past wrongdoings.

By making sure electrical contractor licenses are properly handled, Certemys license verification service offers a multitude of benefits for the electrical contractor and their business. Here?s an overview of how Certemys license verification can make a practical difference.


One major benefit of Certemys license verification is in the time It isaves. Manual processes of tracking, verifying, and renewing licenses can be an incredibly tedious process, one that can take up a great deal of time. With Certemys automated license verification system, however, these tasks can be completed quickly without any manual input or effort. This allows companies to save time and hassle while focusing their effort on more important tasks, such as managing electrical projects.

Reduction of Risks

Along with helping save time, Certemys license verification system also helps reduce risks. By verifying and re-verifying the licenses of electrical contractors before any work begins, Certemy offers complete visibility and control of a companies compliance program. This eliminates any possibilities of legal risks due to an outdated or expired license.

Accurate Tracking System

Certemys license verification service also provides insight into the license history of electrical contractors with real-time tracking. Companies can access a system of record that allows for more accurate tracking of employee licenses and credentials including any licenses due for renewal. This helps to ensure electrical contractors are able to stay up to date with their licenses and certifications.

Enhanced Productivity

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of Certemys license verification service, however, absolutely has to be its pre-built workflows, which are completely customizable. Working like a virtual assistant, these workflows are designed to automate most of the licensing application process. This helps get employees up to speed quickly, allowing firms to become even more productive in the long run as they can get work done faster and more efficiently.

In the end

As an electrical contractor, maintaining an up to date and valid license is a must. It is not only essential to adhere to the laws of certain jurisdictions, but is also one of the key hallmarks of a properly functioning electrical business. Certemys cloud-based primary source verification service is one of the best ways to ensure licenses stay current and free of ties to unethical practices.

With automated license tracking, pre-built workflows, and real-time tracking of employee credentials, Certemy makes it easy for electrical contractors to check, verify, and renew licenses quickly and easily. As a result, companies and businesses can save time while keeping their legal compliance profile fully up to date.


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