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It is no secret that the workforce of the United States is changing. Electricians are in high demand as the number of installations and general maintenance of electricity in businesses continues to grow. As such, electrician apprentices are becoming more necessary for businesses to remain up-to-date with their electrical needs.

Yet, there are certain requirements that many employers don’t think about before hiring an electrician apprentice. For example, verifying and confirming that the apprentices have proper licensing and certifications before starting work on a project.

Luckily, Certemy has created a powerful system for license verification that ensures your electrician apprentices have the credentials required to work in the electrical industry. In this article, we’ll go over the details of Certemys license verification system and how it can help businesses like yours ensure that your electricians are properly trained and qualified to do the work needed.

What Is Certemy?

Certemy is a leading primary source verification and licensing system that specializes in validating and verifying occupational licenses and certifications within the workforce. Certemys system allows businesses to confirm that their electricians have the required certifications or licenses that are currently active.

The license verification system is easily integrated and can be used to track and manage licenses and certifications with ease. It can also be used to ensure that regulatory compliance is always met and can be used to check credentials in real-time.

What Does the System Do?

Certemys license verification system offers so much more than just verifying and confirming the active certifications and licenses. The system can also be used to understand expiration dates of licensing, ensure that there are no disciplinary actions, keep track of documents, and provide a complete overview of the workforce.

The system also offers pre-built workflows which can be configured to automate the license application processes. This allows businesses to stay organized and make sure that licenses are tracked and managed efficiently.

How Does the System Impact Electrician Apprentices?

As a business employing electrician apprentices, the Certemy license verification system is incredibly helpful in making sure the credentials are up to date and that your apprentices are qualified to do the job. The system ensures that you are always in compliance with regulations as well as creating real-time visibility of employee credentials and licenses.

The system also increases the productivity of the team as they have access to pre-built workflows that can be customized to complete the licensing and application process quickly and accurately. Finally, the system offers the ability to stay organized through a single system of record which monitors and tracks the licensing and credentials.

Concluding remarks

With the ever-changing electrical industry, staying up-to-date with the certifications of electrician apprentices is incredibly important. Implementing the Certemy license verification system will give businesses the peace of mind that their apprentices are qualified and their compliance is being met.


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