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Employers in the United States have an obligation to ensure that their workforce meets general standards of good professional practice, which includes verifying employee credentials and certifications. As Compliance leads are increasingly tasked with comprehensive regulatory and compliance management, the need to efficiently manage a workforce?s licenses and certifications has become essential.

Certemy is a licensure Verification software that helps organizations save time and money while ensuring compliance standards remain current and intact. By automating the primary source verification of occupational licenses and certifications, as well as tracking and managing their renewal, Certemy helps reduce the financial risks associated with maintaining a compliant workforce.

What Is License Verification?

License verification is the process of verifying that a professional is properly licensed in order to practice in the field of their specialty. An individual?s license may need to be renewed on a regular basis depending upon the state they are practicing in, and employers are responsible for making sure that their workforce is compliant. This process has traditionally been a manual one, requiring organizations to contact each state’s licensing board and confirm the validity of each employees license.

With the rise of automation, more companies are now using software tools to simplify the licensure verification process and streamline their compliance management. Certemy is a licensure verification tool designed to help employers and compliance leads protect their organizations by quickly and easily verifying the validity of an employees licenses and certifications.

What Does Certemy Offer?

Certemy offers a fully automated primary source license verification system that helps organizations save time and money while ensuring compliance with specific professional standards. Certemys software helps streamline the process of verifying employee credentials and certifications by providing real-time tracking and automated license renewal processes.

The system also provides a comprehensive view of an organizations workforce compliance status and allows compliance leads to quickly identify any gaps in the compliance program. Certemys pre-built workflows and customizable notifications help keep team members? licenses and certifications up-to-date and ensure that the organizations staff remains compliant.

Benefits of Using Certemy

Certemys license verification system offers a number of benefits to organizations including:

Reduced compliance risks: By automating the process of verifying a workforce?s licenses and certifications, errors and discrepancies are quickly identified and addressed, helping organizations mitigate compliance risks.

Automated license management: Certemys system allows organizations to automate license tracking and renewal processes, saving time and money.

Increased staff utilization: With Certemys automated license management system, team members are able to focus on tasks that require their expertise rather than manually tracking licenses and certifications.

Improved compliance visibility: The system provides an up-to-date view of an organizations compliance status, helping compliance leads quickly identify and correct any gaps.

Final thoughts

Certemys license verification tool is an invaluable asset to any organization looking to streamline their compliance management process and ensure that their workforce meets professional standards. The system helps organizations save time and money while simultaneously reducing their compliance risks, providing improved staff utilization and visibility.


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