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In the U.S. healthcare industry, Certified Occupational Health Nurse-Specialists (COHN-S) have a sizeable presence. This skilled medical professional plays an integral part in the diagnosing, treating, and evaluating the safety and health of workers in various industries. Therefore, for any healthcare organization to ensure that their COHN-S employees have valid and up-to-date COHN-S licenses, they must verify that these individuals are indeed authorized to practice. Fortunately, that process is made much easier with Certemy.

Certemy is a leading primary source Verification system that ensures the validity of occupational licenses and certifications. With Certemy, individuals can confirm that COHN-S employees are active, compliant, and free of any disciplinary actions, making it easier for any healthcare organization to ensure a safe and productive working environment.

In this article, we’ll discuss how Certemy can make it easier and more efficient to verify COHN-S credentials and stay ahead of regulatory Compliance.

How Certemy Handles License Verification

Certemy offers cloud-based software to automate license application processes and track employee credentials. This allows organizations to have confidence that their COHN-S employees are correctly qualified to practice and remain criminal-free. It is the most reliable and effective way to verify COHN-S credentials.

Certemys primary source verification system offers several features to ensure comprehensive and reliable COHN-S license verification. They include:

Real-Time Tracking and Management

Clinical directors, employers, and administrators can have instant access to real-time tracking and storage of employee licenses and credentials. This means they can isolate and identify issues quickly and efficiently.

Cloud-Based Software

Certemys software is cloud-based, allowing it to be accessed from any secure mobile device, computer, or tablet. This makes it easier to get insights and control into the workforce compliance program and to stay ahead of regulatory compliance.

Configurable Workflows

Certemy offers a suite of pre-built scenarios and workflows that are fully configurable. This helps to automate the COHN-S license application processes and ensure that licenses are correctly renewed on time.

Why Organizations Need Certemy for COHN-S Licensing

Organizations need a reliable and efficient solution to verify COHN-S credentials and remain compliant with regulations. That’s where Certemy comes in – providing a primary source verification system that can be accessed from any device and is configurable to automate license processes.

Certemys cloud-based software allows organizations to have complete control and visibility of their COHN-S workforce compliance program. They can manage and track COHN-S employee credentials, ensuring that all licenses are valid and active.

In the end

Certemy is the leader in license verification software, giving businesses peace of mind that their COHN-S employees are validly authorized to practice and remain current with all licensing requirements. It eliminates guesswork and makes the process of confirming employee credentials faster and more efficient, allowing employers and administrators to focus on other important tasks.


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