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In Todays business world staying ahead of compliance regulations is a must. Ensuring that the employee credentials and licenses are valid and up to date is an important part of a successful compliance program. To make the process easier, Certemy provides a reliable primary source verification system that allows businesses to quickly and accurately validate occupational licenses and certifications across their entire workforce.

Primary source verification is the practice of confirming that the credentials an individual holds are accurate, valid, and up to date. It involves using a trusted source such as a state database or a licensing body to determine if a person?s license or certification is still valid or has been revoked. Professional organizations have to comply with primary source validation standards to maintain their certifications.

Certemy provide a comprehensive system to make primary source verification easier for businesses. It offers an automated solution that connects directly to state government and licensing bodies to instantly confirm employee credentials and licenses. Businesses can receive up to date information about employee licenses and certifications in real-time.

With Certemy, businesses can easily verify individual licenses, certifications, and credentials with just a few clicks. It offers a searchable database of employee credentials that can be filtered on various parameters such as primary source, professional regulatory boards, issuing agencies, and more. Companies can even receive instant notifications when someone?s credentials become out of date or are no longer valid.

A big advantage of using Certemy is that it eliminates the need to manually review and track employee licenses and certifications. It provides a system of record that allows businesses to stay up to date with compliance regulations. It also helps reduce manual work. By automating the verification process, businesses can save time and money while improving staff utilization.

Certemys license verification system also offers pre-built workflows which are fully configurable and can be used to automate license application processes. This feature saves valuable time and ensures that businesses stay compliant with the latest regulations. The system is trusted by some of the largest employers in the US.

Primary source verification is an important part of maintaining a successful compliance program. Certemys automated license tracking and primary source verification makes it easier for businesses to stay ahead of regulatory compliance and ensure that their workforce is up to date with their credentials. The system offers a comprehensive solution to streamline the process and give businesses greater visibility and control of their workforce compliance program.


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