License Verification Tool | Certified Breast Feeding Counselor

Breast feeding counselors play an important role in providing guidance and support to new mothers. As a result, it is essential for employers to ensure that their counselors have been certified appropriately and are in Compliance with all relevant regulations. Utilizing a primary source Verification system, such as Certemys, is an invaluable tool in ensuring that the credentials for breast feeding counselors are actively maintained and properly validated.

Certemy provides employers with an automated system to verify the credentials of their breast feeding counselors. This system ensures that counselors are legally authorized to practice as counselors as well as remaining current with all licensure, certification, and sanction requirements. An automated system saves HR personnel time so they can better focus on other aspects of the organization.

The primary source verification system provides complete visibility and control to employers. Employers can track and manage all licenses and certifications for their breast feeding counselors with just a few clicks while being assured that the information is accurate and up-to-date. Certemys system is also compliant with regulations, and employers can stay ahead of evolving regulations with the help of automated tracking and primary source verification.

Real-time tracking for all employee credentials is a key benefit of Certemys system. This ensures that employers are aware of all employees? licenses and certifications so that their compliance standards are met. The system also provides configurable workflows that can be used to efficiently manage license application processes. Additionally, the system has consolidated reports to provide up-to-date information on staff utilization, risk mitigation, and staff productivity.

For employers who are in need of an efficient and reliable system to verify credentials of their breast feeding counselors, Certemy is an ideal solution. The system provides a thorough primary source verification process with all relevant information conveniently stored in one place. Employers can choose to use the system manually or configure it to be automated in order to save time, meet legal regulations, and most importantly, ensure that the counselors under their supervision remain certified and appropriate to practice.


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