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Whether they’re called occupational licenses, credentials, certifications, or any other type of professional authorization, healthcare providers are legally required to verify and document their own credentials as well as those of any other employee they are responsible for. This can be an incredibly overwhelming and painstaking task, especially for organizations operating across multiple locations and with multiple employees. Certemy provides an automated primary source Verification system to help employers ensure the legality and accuracy of any employee licenses and certifications.

What is Primary Source Verification?

Primary source verification is the process of confirming that a license or certification is valid, containing up-to-date information, and free from any disciplinary actions. It is also sometimes referred to as direct source verification or independent source verification. This process is often time-consuming and cumbersome, as it requires employers to independently verify the license or certification from the issuing authority.

Why is Primary Source Verification Important?

Primary source verification is essential for employers to ensure the accuracy and legality of employee credentials. Ensuring that the correct licenses and certifications are held by all relevant personnel requires an extra layer of assurance, which primary source verification provides. Additionally, primary source verification can be an important tool to mitigate any liability associated with any personnel who are found to be operating without the proper credentials.

How Does Primary Source Verification Work?

Certemy has taken the complicated process of primary source verification and streamlined it into an automated system that can be used across multiple employees and locations. The primary source verification system includes automated license tracking, which allows the employer to ensure proper credentials and to receive real-time updates. Notifications are sent when certifications meet expiration dates or when disciplinary actions are taken against a given employee.

Using Certemys primary source verification system, the license application process can also be automated. This is an important feature for employers, as ensuring that the application process is completed correctly and completely can be a lengthy and frustrating task. The workflows that Certemys system provides are customizable and provide extra levels of convenience and assurance.

How Can Employers Benefit from Certemys Primary Source Verification System?

Certemys primary source verification system provides numerous benefits to employers. Some of these include having automated license tracking and primary source verification, improve staff utilization and productivity, receiving notifications of expiration dates or disciplinary actions, and having access to customizable workflows that automate the license application process.

The biggest benefit of having an automated system is saving time. Employers no longer have to spend valuable time verifying each license or certification manually, or ensuring that each application is properly completed. Automated tracking and verification allow employers to have greater control over their workforce Compliance program so they can maintain liability and remain compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.

Closing ideas

Primary source verification is an essential process in ensuring the accuracy of employee licenses and certifications, and Certemysimplifies this process with an automated system. Certemys primary source verification system provides employers with complete visibility and control of their workforce compliance programs, and helps to ensure that all personnel are properly qualified to provide the services they advertise. Automated license tracking and primary source verification also help to save time and money, and the customizable workflows make sure that the license application process is easy to manage.


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