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With the ever-increasing complexity of the healthcare system, it is becoming more important to keep up-to-date on the status of all healthcare professionals? licenses. Certemy is the answer to this challenge, a powerful and automated platform for primary source license verification that helps organizations and providers accurately track licensure compliance. This software provides real-time tracking of license applications and credentials in one system of record, ensuring crucial visibility and control for businesses.

Licensing is an integral part of the healthcare field, and it is important for any medical staff or care facility to verify and maintain proper licensure of their personnel. The process of verifying licensure can be potentially time-consuming and inefficient. Certemy offers a comprehensive and automated solution to these issues.

Certemy is a leader in license verification, uniquely combining automated primary source verification (PSV) with tracking of licenses and certifications. By managing license applications and credentials in a systematic way, enterprises are able to maintain accurate records and effectively maintain their compliance programs. The state-of-the-art platform provides real-time tracking of all license applications and credentials in one system of record.

By leveraging sophisticated pre-built workflows, Certemysimplifies the verification process for businesses and ensures that critical regulatory requirements are properly met. Automating the license application process significantly improves industry-wide team productivity and affords greater visibility across the organization. Additionally, Certemy offers specialized verification services for most healthcare professions, including Clinical Nurse Leaders.

This system is already trusted by many large US employers, who appreciate the time and money It isaves compared to manual processes. The platform allows for more accurate identification of expired or sanctions licenses, eliminating risks of incorrect licensure determinations. Overall, Certemy provides the perfect solution for any organization looking to streamline their verification processes.

Certemy does more than just automate the license verification process; it also provides a suite of features designed to enable a holistic view of the organizations workforce. With the built-in regulatory tracking feature, organizations can stay ahead of changing compliance regulations. This includes automated notifications of expirations and renewals, ensuring that the organization is always in compliance.

Finally, Certemys automated analytics provide real-time insights into the organizations workforce, allowing them to make data-driven decisions. All of these features, combined with Certemys secure cloud-based storage and concise UI, make this software the optimal solution for any organization looking to optimize their license verification process.

In summary, Certemy is an automated primary source license verification system, designed to make it easier for organizations to ensure that all of their healthcare professionals are properly licensed. The software eliminates manual license tracking processes and provides an efficient way to manage licenses and certifications, ensuring regulatory compliance. With great features, including automated notifications, analytics, and regulatory tracking, Certemy is the go-to aggregator for all of an organizations license-related needs.


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