License Verification Tool | Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner-Acute Care

Ticking off the boxes for regulatory Compliance needs a lot of effort. Organizations have to be mindful of various compliances regardless of the size, scale, vertical, geographical presence, and etc. As a result, HR teams are investing more of their time to ensure compliance deadlines are met and practices are adhered to. Foremost among them is the license Verification process that adds time-consuming and labor-intensive activities to the HR team. This is the basis of the need for an automated license verification system like Certemy.

Certemy provides a comprehensive system of record of license and credential information. It helps track, manage, and verify the current credentials that employees need to work in their current positions in the most efficient manner. It is an automated solution to verify and track the various occupational licenses and certifications held by an employee across their lifetime or current role in the organization. This verification system by Certemy finds and retains all the current licenses of the employee even if they are in the process of obtaining such licenses either by themselves or through the organization.

The system of primary source verification provided by Certemy is a trusted solution that some of the biggest employers in the United States use to ensure full visibility and control of their workforce compliance program. It is not only fast but cost-effective as well, eliminating the challenges of manual verification processes. Real-time tracking from one system of record further reduces manual entry delays and rekeying errors associated with manual entry. Pre-built workflows that are easily configurable also makes the license application process automated, saving time and effort for the HR personnel.

Organizations have realized that leveraging automated technology to track, manage, and verify licenses across their workforce is the key to mitigating risks brought about by compliance downtime. This, combined with the efforts made by HR teams focusing on regulatory compliance, can help any organization achieve peace of mind regarding license verification processes and other compliance controls.

Certemy provides a reliable solution that organizations can trust to save time, improve staff utilization, and gradually work up the compliance ladder. With Certemy, compliance leaders can have a single system of record that tracks and manages all employee license and credential information in one place. Thus, Certemy makes it easier for organizations to monitor compliance deadlines, adhere to occupational license compliance requirements, and take control of their workforce compliance program, making it more efficient and secure.


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