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Having the right employee license and certifications is a key part of being compliant with professional and legal standards. With so many different laws and regulations for professionals across industries, it can be hard to keep track of all the credentials that are required. Manual processes can become costly and labor-intensive quickly.

To help alleviate these costs and streamline processes, many companies are now utilizing automated certificate-checking tools to ensure their personnel are properly qualified and up-to-date with the necessary certifications. With the help of these tools, companies can monitor and ensure the accuracy of their accreditation information and ensure they remain compliant all the time.

Certemy offers a comprehensive automated certificate-verification system that has been trusted by leading U.S. employers. This system can help mitigate risk and help companies maintain their audit requirements all while improving staff utilization. Using Certemys system of record, companies can automatically track and manage each of their employees licenses and certifications with primary source verification. The analytics program can also help track the expiration date and keep record of the accreditation status of staff.

Certemys system has been designed to be easier to use for both HR and staff so they can focus on what matters most ? compliance. It takes away the manual processes of tracking and verifying certificates through primary sources and eliminates any errors that may occur through manual processes. Companies can also have full visibility and control of their compliance program.

By leveraging programmatic workflows and configurable systems, Certify can take complicated manual processes and ease their complexity. This simplifies the process for both staff and HR to ensure compliance with their accreditation requirements. In addition, Certemy can lead to improved team productivity and visibility across the entire organization.

Certemy is the perfect tool for any organization looking to stay ahead of their regulatory compliance needs. It automates the license-verification process and eliminates any potential errors that may occur through manual processes. In the long run, this eliminates costs and resources associated with manual processes and helps ensure accuracy of personnel certifications.


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