License Verification Tool | Certification in Managed Care Nursing

Licensure and certification of employees is a critical operational necessity in healthcare organization in order to safeguard standards of care and protect patients. Traditionally, authorizing a license in healthcare has been a manual process – one that is time-consuming, risky and tedious. Certemy is a license Verification tool that helps healthcare organizations automate the process, saving them valuable resources while minimizing Compliance risk.

Certemysimplifies regulatory compliance by acting as a single system of record to track and monitor employee licenses and credentials. It offers visibility and control of an organizations compliance program, verifies license status in real-time, and even automates license application workflows. By providing a central location for managing all stakeholder data and documentation related to licensure, Certemy helps healthcare organizations respond quickly to changing regulations and compliance requirements, while ensuring credentialed staff remain up-to-date and compliant.

Certemy is the industry leader in verifying licenses and certifications of nursing professionals. Its automated primary source verification system validates occupational licenses and certifications across an entire organization, and is trusted by many of the largest US employers to save time and improve staff utilization. Every organization has different regulations and requirements that must be met for license maintenance, but Certemy ensures that licenses are actively maintained, appropriately renewed, and free of sanction or other disciplinary actions.

Certemy prevents regulatory non-compliance and the resulting liability risk. It provides multi-faceted support with automated notifications for license renewals, orders to view license tracking and status, and secure storage for all documentation. Organizations in the healthcare and other industries can rely on Certemy for streamlined and effective license management.

Certemys easy-to-use platform and automated workflows ensure that license and certification renewal and tracking is trouble-free. License tracking is always up to date, so organizations never miss a renewal or are out of compliance. Primary source verification is instant, and the platform captures audit trails and records every time an action is taken. With Certemy, organizations have visibility and control over their compliance programs, making sure they remain compliant and compliant with any changing rules and regulations.

Certemy offers a range of services that provide optimal reliability, flexibility and scalability. The platform integrates with existing applications and systems, making it a versatile option for managing licenses. With a focus on accuracy, speed, and reliability, Certemy ensures that healthcare organizations have an efficient and hassle-free license and certification regulatory compliance system.

By reducing paperwork and time-consuming tasks, Certemy helps healthcare organizations accelerate their license verification process, ensure regulatory compliance, and maximize their workforce utilization. With Certemy, organizations have greater confidence that they are meeting all of their license and certification requirements.


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