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Responsibilities in healthcare are complex. As the industry continues to expand, it is increasingly important to locate a streamlined method to verify the credentials of healthcare practitioners, and a proven primary source Verification system can do just that. For employers of certified ambulatory surgery nurses (CASN), automated primary source verification is becoming a requirement and can play a powerful role in reducing the risk of legal and regulatory non-Compliance.

This article will discuss the importance of an automated primary source verification system, including time-savings and the assurance it brings to the workplace. In addition, it will outline the weaknesses of manual review and the challenges employers and healthcare practitioners face when relying on a non-automated method. Finally, the article will explain why Certemy is the ideal primary source verification tool for CASNs.

Why Primary Source Verification Matters for CASNs

Primary source verification (PSV) is the comparison of an enterprise?s workforce credentials against state licensure agencies? databases. Including PSV in a healthcare organizations overall compliance plan can provide legal defense and ensure appropriate outcomes by verifying that such workers have required licensure.

Employers of CASNs usually must satisfy federal, state, organizational, and third-party licensure and certification requirements. As part of the process, executives often look to PSV to quickly and easily check the credentials of an employer?s entire workforce.

PSV tools can not only reduce the burden of pre-employment screening but also help organizations stay in the good graces of the authorities regulating them. For instance, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requires healthcare organizations to keep their credentialing current and up to date. But employing a manual process to verify and maintain employee licensure information can become too inefficient.

The Limitations of Manual Credentialing for CASNs

Manual credentialing has labor requirements that exceed those of automated PSV systems. To manually verify the credentials of CASNs, employers must dedicate a team of reviewers and likely outsource certain aspects of the process. For instance, one of the more tedious parts of manual credentialing is running background checks on candidates. This activity can be outsourced to third-party vendors.

Also, with manual credentialing, all communications occur through e-mails, phone calls, and faxes, and all responses have to be entered manually into an internal system. Since such a system isn?t automated, this task takes a significant amount of time, especially when compiling an aggregate of responses from various board or state licensure agencies.

The Benefits of Automated Primary Source Verification for CASNs

As the healthcare industry continues to grow, an automated PSV system becomes essential to reduce repetitive and redundant activities associated with manual PSV processes.

Automated PSV has numerous benefits, including faster onboarding times, improved staff utilization, reduced risk of non-compliance, and clear visibility of employee credentials. For instance, an automated PSV can streamline the onboarding process and help organizations remain compliant by regularly monitoring employee licensure status and their expiration dates. Documents only need to be submitted once; then automated renewals and alerts are sent when a renewal or event notification is due.

Certemy as the Ideal Primary Source Verification Tool for CASNs

Certemy is a leader in License Verification with an automated primary source verification system that validates occupational licenses and certifications across your employees confirming that they are active, appropriately renewed, and free of sanctions or other disciplinary actions.

Built on modern cloud technology, Certemys platform helps organizations process and manage employee licensure with the best available audit trail and full automation of licensure renewals. With Certemy, organizations receive a single system of record for real-time tracking of employee licenses, visibility across the entire organization, and pre-built, fully configurable workflows that help automate licensure application processes.

Certemy has been trusted by some of the largest US employers to save time, mitigate risk, and improve staff utilization. Organizations TC receive a complete licensed workforce program with automated credentialing and compliance tracking.


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