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Certified nurse midwives (CNMs) have an integral role in healthcare, providing medical care to women during their prenatal, labor, and post-partum periods. However, the process of certifying and re-certifying CNMs in their professional qualifications can be very time-consuming and challenging for healthcare organizations. Fortunately, automated license verification and tracking systems can address this issue.

Automated license verification and tracking systems allow healthcare organizations to easily and quickly confirm the credential information and status of CNMs, saving them time and effort. The systems can verify whether a CNM is currently certified, when the certification was obtained, or when it is up for renewal. This drastically simplifies the process of keeping up with CNM certification since unions and states can quickly identify which CNMs require more frequent renewal, as well as those with expired certifications, and take any necessary actions in a timely manner.

Moreover, automated license verification and tracking systems provide numerous other benefits, such as reducing the possibility of protocol violations, ensuring more accurate records, and optimizing staff utilization. By having a comprehensive overview of all CNMs in their organization, healthcare organizations can monitor performance, motivation, and compliance more accurately and efficiently. Furthermore, these systems provide an easy way to track the number of hours worked by each CNM, as well as the type of medical services they provide, which can be especially useful for hourly-based organizations.

Additionally, automated license verification and tracking systems can help organizations stay up-to-date with the latest regulations and rules through automated notifications. These notifications can alert organizations of any needed actions due to policy updates or other changes, ensuring compliance with federal and state regulations. Automated license verification and tracking systems also make it easy to track the credentials of multiple CNMs, providing organizations with the necessary data to ensure the highest quality of care.

Overall, automated license verification and tracking systems are a convenient and efficient tool for healthcare organizations when hiring and managing CNMs and other medical personnel. By monitoring credential information and any associated rules, organizations can save time, reduce the risk of compliance issues, and improve staff utilization.


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