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It is an essential part of any modern healthcare organization to maintain proper certification and licensure of staff. This includes essential roles such as pediatric oncology nurses and many other healthcare-related staff. Maintaining compliance with up-to-date primary source verification (PSV) is a basic requirement for modern healthcare organizations to stay ahead of regulations while mitigating any risks of legal or professional misconduct. Automated PSV is a new development in the healthcare compliance sector that provides complete visibility and control of the workforce’s certification and license program.

Primary source verification is the process of verifying credentials with the source instead of relying on the individual’s self-reported information. This process helps healthcare administrators produce accurate and reliable records and information about their staff, while avoiding any liability issues. Automated PSV takes this process a step further by providing real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials and streamlining workflows that might otherwise be time consuming or manual in nature.

Organizations of all sizes and complexity can benefit from the advantages of automated primary source verification. With this process, trusted sources, such as state boards, governing bodies, or certification organizations can be quickly and reliably verified. Moreover, organizations can achieve compliance with up-to-date license tracking and automated documentation of ?good faith? effort. This can provide an audit trail that is beneficial to organizations that need to protect themselves from any regulatory risks. Finally, the automation of license application process and credential management can help increase team productivity and visibility.

For pediatric oncology nurses, their licensing and certification information must remain up to date in order to practice. With automated primary source verification, verifying the status of a license can be completed quickly and efficiently. This can ensure compliance with patient care standards, avoiding any reimbursed claim issues or other legal contention. Automated PSV helps maintain an audit trail while meeting all the requirements of AHIMA and other governing bodies, taking most of the paperwork and manual labor out of the process.

By utilizing an automated primary source verification tool, healthcare organizations can improve staff utilization, while staying ahead of regulatory compliance. With increased visibility of each employees license status, a compliance lead can quickly and easily check if any action is required. This not only gives organizations peace of mind, but can help mitigate any potential risks associated with outdated license tracking.

In the end, automated primary source verification provides benefits for pediatric oncology nurses and healthcare organizations alike. By creating a single system of record for all license and certification information, a compliance lead can ensure their staff is compliant with all the necessary requirements, while preserving an audit trail. Automated primary source verification is an essential tool for any modern healthcare organization, helping ensure compliance while maintaining legal and professional standards.


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