License Verification Tool | Certified Perioperative Nurse

Becoming a certified perioperative nurse is a vital step to a successful career in the medical field. Perioperative nurses, also known as operating room nurses, provide care before, during and after surgery for patients of all ages. They are a critical part of any healthcare team. As a perioperative nurse, you need to be knowledgeable in all areas of patient care. But obtaining and maintaining licensing and certification can be time consuming. That?s where Certemy comes in.

Certemy is an automated system for primary source verification that verifies occupational licenses and certifications across all employees, making sure they are active and compliant. With Certemy, employers can monitor and track employee licenses and credentials while staying ahead of regulatory compliance. It provides users with real-time tracking of their employees’ credentials, saving time and helping to mitigate risk.

Certemy features pre-built workflows that are fully customizable to automate license application processes, making it easy for employers to keep track of their employees licenses and certificates. All of this is managed in one system of record, allowing employers to have complete control and visibility of their workforce credentialing program. With Certemy, employers can optimize their staff utilization and increase productivity while staying on top of government regulations.

Certemy is trusted by some of the nation’s top employers and is used to help verify license and credentialing annually. The system can also store all of the relevant documents, allowing employers to access them at any time. Additionally, Certemy has easy-to- use features, like alerts, to keep employers informed when licenses need to be renewed or updated.

For perioperative nurses, having a credentialing system like Certemy is essential. Certification and licensing is a key step in a successful medical career. Certemys automated system helps make sure that perioperative nurses are always in compliance with the requirements of the profession. It also saves them the time and hassle of having to track and manage their licenses and certificates manually.

Certemy offers users a hassle-free way to stay ahead of their compliance needs. With features like real-time tracking and customizable workflows, employers can maximize their staff utilization and improve their compliance efforts. For perioperative nurses, Certemy helps make sure their professional certification and licensing remains up to date.


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