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When it comes to ensuring that your workforce meets qualifications and regulatory requirements, primary source license verification is an invaluable tool. As organizations continue to expand, and regulatory requirements become increasingly demanding, license verification solutions provide a comprehensive view and control over employee licenses and credentials in one system. With Certemys automated verification system, businesses gain maximum visibility and control over their compliance program ? while saving time and mitigating risk.

Primary source license verification solutions provide organizations with real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in a single system of record. This helps businesses stay ahead of regulatory compliance, and ensure their employees meet the necessary qualifications to perform their job. With an automated verification system, businesses can quickly check for any sanctions or disciplinary actions that might be holding up the licensing process or preventing them from obtaining the proper employee credentials.

Certemys automated verification system also offers pre-built workflows and customizable solutions that simplify and streamline the license application process. This not only reduces administrative burden, but also helps teams stay organized and be more productive. Validation and renewal notifications can be set to alert staff when licenses are about to expire, or when re-validation is due, providing peace of mind that your employees are up to date with their certifications.

For compliance-savvy employers, primary source license verification gives them the benefit of developing a highly qualified workforce. Having a system in place that automates the verification process of credentials and qualifications helps ensure that the employees being hired have the right certifications and licenses. As businesses continue to grow and they?re faced with complex regulatory environments, having a system that automates the license verification process gives the team greater oversight, and helps reduce potential liabilities that could arise from non-compliance.

Primary source license verification also helps improve staff utilization, as employers can quickly identify which personnel can be utilized, and what tasks they can perform. This allows employers to make sure employees are adequately utilized in an efficient manner, and that their capabilities are well-utilized.

Certemy is a leader in license verification that provides the visibility and control businesses need to ensure their workforce meets regulatory requirements. With its automated system and pre-built workflows, employers are able to maintain maximum compliance, while simultaneously reducing the administrative burden usually associated with license verification processes.


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