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The responsibility of managing certifications and licenses is an essential part of maintaining Compliance within a business’s workforce. Primary source Verification systems ensure that all employees’ licenses and certifications are kept up to date with the latest regulations, are free of any disciplinary actions, and are renewed in a timely manner. Certified Occupational Health Nurses (COHNs) and their specializations require strict compliance with occupational licenses. Leveraging an automated primary source verification system for license verification helps maintain compliance within a business’s operations.

Why Automated Primary Source Verification for Certifications?

Primary source verification is the process of collecting evidence, either through electronic or manual means, to calculate whether employees or contractors should be hired. This process involves authenticating documents such as certifications, licenses, training, and more. Primary source verification is considered the most reliable and accurate identification process, as it is a standardized solution that confirms the license or certification is active and appropriate according to the issuing organizations standards. Automating this process increases accuracy and reliability in a consistent manner while mitigating errors and saving time.

How Automated Primary Source Verification Works

Automated primary source verification is a technology-driven process in which a system automatically validates an employees licenses and certifications or extends the validation when the employees license or certification nears expiration. A secure, technology-driven platform searches for the employees name and other information supplied by the employer. An automated system will search for this information on databases, local and state agencies, and other industry credentials. In most cases, the system will be able to validate the license or certification by itself; if additional information or documents are required, the system will inform the employers before the license or certification expires.

Benefits of Automated Primary Source Verification

The use of automated primary source verification for occupational licenses offers several key advantages. By automating the process of verifying credentials, employers can be sure that their employees meet legal requirements and that their licenses and certifications are up to date and active. Furthermore, they can reduce the risk of non-compliance and other associated costs by properly managing their employee licenses and certifications in one secure, technology-driven platform.

Real-time Tracking and Pre-built Workflows

Certemys cloud-based automated primary source verification system provides employers with complete visibility and control over their employees’ licenses and certifications. It includes features such as the ability to leverage pre-built workflows that are configurable to fit their business model, as well as real-time tracking to ensure that all employees’ credentials are in one system of record. This helps CPUE, or cost-per-unit-effectiveness, as employers can increase productivity and visibility across their organization, ultimately improving staff utilization.

Key point

Automated primary source verification is an important part of the process of managing occupational health nurse certifications. It ensures that all licenses and certifications are kept up to date and are active across the entire organization. Automating this process allows employers to reduce the risk of non-compliance and streamline their processes with pre-built workflows, while increasing their cost-per-unit-effectiveness.


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