License Verification Tool | CFRN ? Certified Flight Registered Nurse

Certified Flight Registered Nurses (CFRN) are highly qualified healthcare professionals who provide advanced medical care during air transport. This specialty nursing certification requires a significant amounts of training and expertise to complete. Having a CFRN certification demonstrates a nurse?s commitment to high-quality care and their expertise in providing specialized medical attention. At Certemy, we can help nurses who have earned their CFRN certification to easily and correctly verify their credential.

Certemy is an automated primary source verification system designed for all professional licenses and certifications. Our system enables employers to verify and manage occupational licenses at scale for their entire organization in a user-friendly platform. With Certemy, occupational licenses and certifications are quickly and accurately confirmed that they are active, appropriately renewed, and free from any discipline. This process helps to save time and money, while also eliminating any compliance risks that organizations may face.

Our solution has been widely adopted by some of the largest employers in the United States. By quickly identifying which employee licenses and certificates are up-to-date, Certemy ensures that organizations remain compliant with regulatory requirements. In addition, users have access to a range of pre-built workflow options that they can customize to suite their exact needs. This allows employers to day-day license application and tracking processes and become more efficient.

Employers are also able to use the database of the Certemy software to more accurately assess staff levels and utilization. Every employee license and certificate is tracked in real-time. This provides employers with data to better understand what roles and skill sets are necessary for the current and future success of the organization. It also helps to ensure that all nurses and other healthcare professionals have up-to-date licensing.

The Certemy platform is trusted by major hospitals, healthcare groups, and other medical organizations across the United States. It provides a single source of truth for verifying employee license and certificates and provides employers with the assurance that their organization remains in compliance with relevant regulations. As CFRN certified nurses are more and more likely to be present in the workforce, Certemy is the best option to verify the credentials and skills of these highly qualified individuals.


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