Telehealth Compliance

The challenge of efficient credentialing is one familiar to all HR executives in the telehealth industry. Given the complexities of the process – from onboarding or reappointing providers, to managing forms and tracking licenses – the task of selecting a credentialing management solution that meets the needs of the organization can be daunting. With a wealth of software options available, how can executives determine which solution is best suited to their unique needs?

The first step in evaluating a credentialing management solution is to determine the company’s particular requirements. What is the scope of the credentialing process? How many providers will the system need to manage? Is the intent to automate an existing manual process, or is a total revamp of the system necessary? Establishing the needs of the organization is imperative to informing the decision-making process.

HR executives should also consider the complexity of the system when selecting a credentialing management solution. Ask important questions such as, does the vendor provide a user-friendly interface to streamline the enrollment process? What is the expected time-frame for completion of the credentialing process? Is the system automated or do employees need to review and enter the information themselves? While the answers to these questions may seem minor, the importance of a dependable, automated system cannot be overstated.

Moreover, executives should take into account the future of the credentialing process. Does the solution have the capability to scale-up if needed? Is there a support system for addressing unexpected technical issues? What kind of analytics and reporting capacity does the credentialing management solution offer to help track performance? By opting for a more feature-rich solution, companies can plan for the future growth of their telehealth organization.

Finally, but no less important, is the cost associated with the solution. What are the annual costs and fees? Does the vendor offer a free trial period? Are there additional fees associated with managing provider licenses, forms, and policies? It is important to not only review the overall financial cost but to also take into account the human resource investment. Are employees available to review, enter, and approve all necessary information? Understanding the total cost of ownership is integral in making an informed decision.

Navigating the process of selecting an effective credentialing management solution can be a difficult task. However, by staying mindful of what is required, the complexity of the system, the scope of the process, and the associated costs, HR executives in the telehealth industry can determine which solution is best suited for their organization.