License Verification Tool | Clinical Nurse Specialist; Wellness through Acute Care (Adult-Gerontology)

Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNSs) have a unique role in nursing practice, providing the many of the same services as a regular nurse, but also moving nursing care forward and helping to improve the healthcare system. As Clinical Nurse Specialists, their duties may include helping to manage complex patient care, developing educational programs, research, and formulating policies and protocols. In many cases, their expertise and competency ensure patient safety and positive patient outcomes. In addition, CNSs can provide holistic wellness services for their patients through acute care.

Whether a CNS provides direct care or indirect services, they are expected to adhere to the highest standards of patient care and remain in compliance with professional licensure requirements. As with many healthcare professionals, CNSs also require accurate and thorough license verification for the purpose of employment and continued permission to practice. However, manual validation of these licenses can be time-consuming and lead to losses in productivity.

Manual License Validation Is Time-Consuming

Undergoing the manual verification process requires human capital and can eat up a great deal of time. After receiving an application for potential employment, manual verification of a license can take up to 3 days or more. The other common option is to outsource the verification process to a third-party in order to save on time and resources. Either way, the process can be long and difficult, taking up to a month.

In addition, manual license verification can be too costly for smaller healthcare facilities. For example, small clinics may not have the resources to manually validate licenses and must instead outsource to third-party companies, making the process more expensive.

Reduce Administrative Duties with Automated License Validation

Certemy is a leader in automated license validation and facilitates the rapid validation of both existing and new healthcare professionals’ licenses. Automated primary source verification ensures employee licenses are valid, renewed on time, and free of sanctions or disciplinary actions.

Certemys automated license validation platform eliminates manual tracking and is backed by primary source verification to ensure complete accuracy. Real-time tracking of employee licenses eliminates the need for manual checks and verification, saving time for the human resources team. With Certemy, human resources have greater visibility into their workforce compliance programs and are able to address any irregularities quickly.

In addition, Certemy offers customizable workflows and automated application processes to eliminate administrative hassle and keep up with the ever-changing regulations of the healthcare industry. Certemy even allows hospitals to pre-verify licenses and credentials before job offers are made, protecting the institution from expensive fines, and saving them from re-verification costs.

Key point

As a Clinical Nurse Specialist providing acute care services and holistic wellness advice, staying compliant with licensure regulations is paramount. Manual license verification is a tedious and costly process, and outsourcing it to a third-party verification champion can be too expensive for smaller healthcare facilities.

Certemys automated license validation platform is an ideal choice for Clinical Nurse Specialists and healthcare institutions alike. With Certemy, primary source verification is done correctly the first time, with automatic tracking of licenses and credentials. On top of that, automated processes and customizable workflows reduce administrative burden, resulting in improved productivity across the entire organization.


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