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Maximizing Compliance with Certified Nurse Manager and Leader Licensing Verification

Ensuring that healthcare organizations employ certified nurses and have optimal staffing can present challenges for HR teams. With staffing shortages and increasing compliance regulations, nurse leader certification can be a difficult area to regulate. In order to optimize compliance, the use of a nurse licensing verification system is a must.

Internationally, nurse certification and licensing is becoming increasingly reputable and recognized. The importance of credentialing and regulations for qualified and capable nurses is cited in a multitude of millionaire nurse practice studies. Yet, with the increasing provider demand and mandates, ensuring qualifications, preserving standards, and optimizing the nurse certification process is becoming a more significant challenge.

An effective nurse licensing verification system, such as Certemy, is a must for HRs tasked with safeguarding their workforce?s qualifications and credentials. To preserve standards and provide the necessary oversight, Certemys system offers a comprehensive and automated primary source nurse verification process.

Certemys nurse licensing verification system allows healthcare providers to attain complete visibility over their workforce and how their certification is maintained. The system validates occupation-specific licenses and certified credentials across employees, confirming if they are active and appropriate renewed. The tool offers automated license tracking, primary source validation, and real-time updates of employee credentials in one system-of-record.

Certemys nurse licensing verification system also serves as a compliance benchmark, providing beforehand knowledge around regulation changes. This can positively assist healthcare providers in being proactive and not reactive when it comes to regulatory updates.

Certemys nurse licensing system helps streamline the license application process by providing a plethora of configurable workflows. This helps optimize efficiency for HR departments as well as staff utilization when having to apply and maintain valid licenses.

Without an automated nurse license verification system such as Certemy, monitoring license status and validity may be time consuming and costly. A system like Certemy that maintains updated and valid nurse certifications can help maintain compliant staffing so that nursing workforce can deliver the best care to patients.


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