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Verifying the credentials of Clinical Nurse Leaders (CNLS) can be a cumbersome and arduous task. It requires extensive research, multiple processes, careful attention to detail, and time-consuming manual labor. This daunting task has never been greater as regulatory changes and increased paperwork only add to the complexity of the process. Fortunately, there is an innovative solution to meet the unique challenges of automating CNL license verification.

Certemy provides an automated system that allows companies to protrect themselves against potential liabilities while ensuring that all CNLs are certified and hold active licenses. By leveraging pre-built workflows, employers can quickly and easily verify and track their employees? occupational licenses and credentials in an all-in-one system of record. Certemys system allows companies to have complete visibility and control of their compliance program, track all CNLs in real-time, and stay ahead of regulatory compliance. The platform provides a variety of benefits, from improved team productivity and collaborative workflow tracking to improved decision making and risk management.

Certemy ensures CNLs are in compliance in four easy steps. The first step entails verifying the license with the authoritative primary source. Certemysearches for the applicant?s name, license number, and expiration date to ensure accuracy. Certemy then automatically requests the state board to submit confirmation. If there are any discrepancies (e.g. delinquent payment or temporary suspensions), Certemy records all those as well and notifies the employer. Additionally, the platform sends a reminder to employers when a license is close to expiration.

The second step involves automated license tracking. Certemystores all of an employer?s CNL licenses and credentials in one central place, allowing businesses to stay organized and up-to-date with employee licenses and certifications at all times. This empowers the employer to quickly identify outdated certifications and follow-up with the employee in short order.

The third step involves complete visibility and control of the workforce compliance program. With Certemy, employers have the ability to easily measure compliance against regulatory bodies, any necessary accreditations, and internal initiatives. This built-in process makes licensing and credential tracking easier and more efficient.

Last, but not least, the fourth step enables full collaboration. Certemy provides a collaborative platform that allows all relevant stakeholders to easily tag and communicate about their license tracking in one central place. This feature makes it easier for employers to consolidate communication during the license application process and avoid unnecessary emails and meetings.

Certemys license verification system is trusted by some of the biggest employers across the United States. It offers a secure, reliable, and reliable program that simplifies CNL license governance, reduces compliance costs, and mitigates risk. With the system, employers can quickly identify licensing violations, follow up on delinquent payments, and get their employees back to work.

Certemys automated credential tracking platform makes managing CNL compliance easier and more cost-efficient. It allows businesses to focus on their core mission knowing that automated license verification is taking care of their employees? licensing and credentialing.


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