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We believe professional certification is facing an existential crisis. Intensive lobbying efforts have succeeded in multiple states to advance legislation which severely limits the scope of certifications programs. Professionals have also filed multiple class action lawsuits against board certification programs.

Why has so much resistance emerged? In a word - meaning. Many professionals no longer see the value of certification. Instead, they feel that certification has become an expensive and burdensome experience that does not significantly impact their ability to serve their customers and employers.

Is there a solution to this existential crisis? We believe there is. We envision certification as a data driven, outcomes based process that solves for real world industry needs by driving targeted improvements in professional competences. We built Certemy to implement our vision through an innovative cloud-based platform that makes certification simple and meaningful.



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SaaS industry veterans join Certemy leadership team to drive expansion of cloud-based certification platform business.

August 10-13. Columbus, OH.

September 23-25. Chicago, IL.

November 18-21. San Diego, CA.

February 12-14, 2020. Long Beach, CA.

March 29 - April 1, 2020. San Diego, CA.

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