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The core responsibility of Human Resources (HR) lies in the effective management of personnel within an organization from recruitment and hiring to employee relation activities. This increasingly complex task can be simplified with the use of technologies that automate the management of licenses and certification information.

Certemy is a cloud-based license and certification management system that automates compliance processes and provides employers the visibility and control needed to ensure that personnel are adequately certified and licensed to perform their roles. Their automated primary source verification system validates occupational licenses and certifications across employees which helps reduce the risks posed by potential fines and disciplinary actions.

Certemys user-friendly interface offers a variety of features that can help HR departments reduce compliance workload and improve employee utilization. It offers real-time tracking of employee license information, automated discrepancies alerting, pre-built automated workflows for license applications, and more. This integrated platform eliminates the need to manage multiple systems, which makes compliance monitoring easier and more efficient.

Certemys automated verification system uses open databases to source and validate license information in real-time. It also provides employers a single view of all information pertaining to the license and certification process, making it easier to maintain and monitor compliance status.

The primary source verification system scans for expired or revoked licenses and certifications, utilizing hundreds of primary source databases and providing an easy-to-use compliance dashboard. This helps employers identify employee records and quickly take action when employee credentials are no longer valid.

Certemys pre-defined automated workflows also help streamline compliance processes and ensure that licenses are updated annually. The platform also offers the flexibility to customize automation processes to meet specific compliance requirements.

The automated licensing system helps Human Resources keep up with the ever-changing requirements of recruitment, staff utilization and compliance obligations. Certemys innovative technology provides the full visibility and trust employers need to ensure their employees meet necessary licensing and certification requirements, as well as staying ahead of potential sanctions and government regulations.


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