License Verification Tool | Certified Continence Care Nurse

Fixing the license validation and Verification procedure for Certified Continence Care Nurses (CCCNs) has been a challenge for human resource (HR) departments, especially with the regulations put in place to secure the safety of patients. With Certemy, organizations can deploy an automated license verification system to save time and mitigate risks. This prevents them from having to manually check each nurse’s credentials, which can be a highly tedious job and have an impact on staff utilization.

Certemy is the leading license verification system that confirms the ongoing status and validity of an employees occupational licensing. With Certemy, employers receive complete visibility and control over their license monitoring program, automatically tracking and managing any certifications and licenses with primary source verification. Businesses are able to stay ahead of the regulatory Compliance curve with automated license tracking and real-time updates.

Certemy provides organizations with access to pre-built workflows that are customizable to cater to each companies specific requirements. The system is available to users even on the go with a mobile-friendly version. Additionally, the system offers a single source of record to keep track of employee licenses and credentials in a pragmatic and easy way. Overall, this saves the company time and improves team productivity.

Furthermore, Certemy is trusted by some of the largest US employers to ensure workers compliance. An additional perk of Certemy is that is includes mailing services for license re-verifications. This, along with the tracking badge notifications, allows the company to nonverbally confirm the credentials of an employee.

Validation of CCCN credentials is key to providing the best care to patients. With Certemy, corporations are able to rest assured as they can guarantee that their nurse employees meet the necessary requirements. The system allows them to monitor the entire organization and properly manage overall staff utilization, as well as reach complete compliance with ease.



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