License Verification Tool | Certified Addictions Registered Nurse – Advanced Practice

Maintaining a compliant workforce is a key priority for any organization. The challenge for many Human Resource departments is that occupational licensing requirements can be complex and difficult to manage. Certified Addiction Registered Nurse ? Advanced Practice (CARN-AP) licenses are required across the United States to ensure a safe working environment. In order to maintain Compliance, organizations must be able to keep track of their employees’ licenses and certifications, while staying ahead of any regulatory requirements. Fortunately, there are now automated systems available that can help HR teams keep track of employees? licenses and certifications.

Certemy is a service that provides automated license and certification tracking for CARN-AP, as well as any other license or certification requirements. The system is particularly advantageous to HR professionals as it provides real-time tracking of employees? licenses and certifications in one record. This comprehensive visibility helps support organizations in staying compliant with employee licensing requirements.

Certemy ensures that all of the records it tracks are verified against the issuing state board or licensing agency. This primary source Verification process checks that licenses and certifications have been appropriately renewed and are free from any disciplinary action. By using Certemys system to track and manage employee licenses and certifications, HR teams can dramatically reduce the amount of time spent validating and tracking employee licenses.

The Certemysystem provides a wide range of features designed to simplify and streamline the license application process. Organizations can take advantage of predefined workflows that can be configured to their specific needs, making it easy to automate the license application process. This can save a great deal of time and effort, while still ensuring that employers remain compliant.

Certemy also features a comprehensive audit trail, which allows HR teams to view the application and renewal process for any employee license or certification. This audit trail is useful for keeping more complex regulatory environments compliant, while also allowing HR teams to spot any issues quickly and easily.

Using Certemys automated system to track CARN-AP licenses provides human resources with a comprehensive tool for managing their CARN-AP workforce. Certemys primary source verification process provides peace of mind that employees are always up-to-date and compliant with their licensing requirements. At the same time, the automated system allows for significant time savings when it comes to license and certification tracking.


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