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With the ever-changing regulatory landscape, organizations across the United States must stay on top of their compliance programs and ensure the requisite professional licenses and credentials of their workforce remain active, up-to-date, and free from any adverse action or restrictions. Automating, tracking, and validating occupational licenses not only saves significant time for HR operations, but it also mitigates risk and improves staff utilization within an organization.

What is Primary Source Verification?

Primary source verification (PSV) is the process of verifying and validating the accuracy of an occupational license or certification via its origin. This is accomplished by obtaining confirmation directly from the issuing authority, such as a state medical board, nursing licensure board, occupational licensing agency, or other relevant authority responsible for certifying or licensing the profession. The goal of PSV is to provide an assurance to employers and HR workers that the professional credentials are authentic and current.

The standard, manual process of obtaining confirmation on occupational licenses is laborious due to the various steps and paper-based methods typically involved. Automating PSV with a license verification software system simplifies the process and provides employers with an efficient, consistent, and reliable way to verify the validity of their employees professional licenses.

What are the Benefits of Automating PSV?

Automating PSV with a license verification system provides employers with a streamlined, efficient process for ensuring employee credentials are authentic, active, and up to date. Automated verification processes improve accuracy and compliance in two distinct ways:

It reduces the risk of any human error associated with manual processes ? automating PSV eliminates the need to manually obtain confirmation from the various authoritative bodies.

It allows HR operations to set up continuous monitoring of employee licenses ? with an automated system, employers can easily and quickly track license status, alert employers when licenses are about to expire, and identify licenses that have been suspended or revoked.

An added benefit of automating PSV is the ability to compare an employees certification or license to a national standard, such as the Certified Pediatric Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (CPNP-AC) credential. This provides employers with an added assurance that their employees have had the appropriate training and experience to qualify for a specific job.

What is License Verification?

License verification is the process of verifying that the license or certification a person holds has been granted or issued by an authoritative body and is current and valid. It is an extremely important step in ensuring that organizations have a qualified workforce and are compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.

License verification software systems eliminate the time and effort associated with manual verification processes by providing employers with near real-time access to verification reports that include license expiration dates, any disciplinary actions or suspensions, and qualifications for a certain job and/or certification. This level of visibility enables organizations to quickly detect any discrepancies in professional licenses and take appropriate action to manage their compliance risks.

The bottomline

Primary source verification (PSV) is an essential part of any compliance program, and automating PSV with a license verification system can make the process much simpler and faster. Automating PSV with a license verification system eliminates the risk of human error and provides organizations with an efficient, consistent, and reliable way to verify the validity of their employees professional licenses. The tracking and continuous monitoring capabilities of a license verification system also help organisations stay ahead of their regulatory compliance.


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