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When running a business, ensuring that your employees are compliant with the necessary certifications and licenses is essential for meeting regulatory compliance. With new rules and regulations coming out each year, it can be difficult to stay on top of employee license management. Fortunately, there is a solution that can make license verification easier – you can use an automated primary source verification system to validate occupational licenses and certifications for the entire workforce.

Primary source verification is an efficient way to confirm that the necessary documents are active, up-to-date, and free of any sanctions or potential issues. Certemy is a leader in license verification and offers a comprehensive system that provides both visibility and control of your workforce compliance program. You can track all licenses and certifications in one convenient system, helping you stay one step ahead of taxing agencies.

Trusted by some of the leading US employers, Certemy helps streamline the process of tracking license applications and renewals. Using pre-built workflows, you can configure the system to automate processes and save your HR department time. In addition, you can keep your team on track with automated license tracking and spending less time manually inputting information.

From financial companies to hospitals to schools, Certemys license verification system is an invaluable resource for staying compliant and tracking license data. By using automated primary source verification to bring clarity and accuracy to the process, companies can maximize their productivity and streamline their HR processes. The system also works with different databases, so you can easily manage employee license information from various sources.

Additionally, Certemys system allows you to set up alert notifications when licenses are due to expire. This way, you can take proactive steps to ensure compliance and prevent any potential sanctions. The system also breaks up licenses into separate portal cycles, making it easier for departments to track and review any changes that might be necessary.

Certemy is the preferred choice for license verification and has been trusted by some of the biggest companies in the US. The primary source verification system is completely secure and guarantees accurate, up-to-date data. It brings clarity and efficiency to the process, so you can stay compliant with regulatory agencies and ensure that your employees are authorized to do their work.


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