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Understanding the importance of licensure certifications in many occupations, Certemy has empowered companies of all sizes to verify and track occupational licenses and certifications across their workforce with primary source verification. This ensures the legitimacy of the licenses of the entire employee base, providing employers with complete visibility and control of compliance programs and improved team utilization.

Harness the Power of Automated Tracking

Certemy provides employers with an automated, flexible, and customisable license tracking system to meet their organisation?s specific needs. By leveraging modern technology solutions, employers can effectively manage license renewal processes, verify that credentials are active and up-to-date, and uncover any licensing issues with staff members. Certemy also enables real-time tracking of employee records in one central system, allowing HR operations to quickly respond to issues that arise.

Eliminating Manual Efforts

Certemys primary source verification system eliminates manual efforts and the need to hire third-party vendors, making the process of verifying employee credentials much simpler and more effective. By automating the process, companies can significantly reduce administrative costs associated with managing employee licenses and certifications. Pre-built workflows enable the company to quickly configure a comprehensive license tracking solution that meets their unique needs.

Regulatory Compliance

Certemy is trusted by some of the largest US employers to save time, mitigate risk, and reduce administrative costs associated with the management of occupational licenses and certifications. By leveraging Certemy, organisations can remain compliant with a wide range of applicable laws and regulations while easily maintaining up-to-date employee records.

Improved Staff Utilization

The use of Certemy also provides improved utilization of staff resources. Companies can effectively manage compliance programs and quickly respond to any potential issues that arise. This allows personnel to be better focused on their job roles and perform at their maximum potential, improving operational efficiency.

To summarize

By leveraging Certemys automated primary source verification system, companies of all sizes can easily manage license applications and help ensure regulatory compliance. This system eliminates the need to manually track credentials and hire third-party vendors, allowing staff to be better focused on their job roles and improving operational efficiency.


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