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Occupational licensing is a common process that everyone who intends to work in the United States must first fulfill. It is extremely important that professionals have the proper credentials and certifications for the industry they are working in, as it ensures the safety of clients and the public. To maintain a successful workforce Compliance program, employers must have a process in place to quickly and accurately verify that their employees are properly licenseds, up-to-date, and free of any sanctions.

Certemy is a leading provider of automated license Verification solutions. Their proprietary system is designed to save time, mitigate risk, and improve staff utilization by providing real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials. In addition, Certemy provides pre-built, configurable workflows to help employers automate the license application process.

Organizations that work in the medical, legal, education, or any professional services industries where employees are required to have licensing or certification can benefit from an automated license verification platform like Certemy. With Certemy, organizations can streamline their license tracking and verification processes, ensuring they remain in compliance and avoid any costly violations.

Verifying Licenses with Certemy

Certemy provides a comprehensive platform to verify and manage all employee licenses and certifications. Organizations can use Certemy to quickly and easily confirm that employees have current and valid licenses. The platform also provides access to primary source license databases to ensure that the provided credentials are accurate and up-to-date.

To create the best user experience, Certemys license verification solution provides a secure, online dashboard for employers to manage all their employee licensing information. The platform is intuitive and easy to use, allowing employers to have access to all their employees current licensing information at a glance.

Certemy also provides a comprehensive system of user-defined reports and metrics so employers can remain in compliance with their industry. Additionally, their automated license tracking system makes it easy for employers to monitor their compliance status in real-time.

Improving Your Workforce Compliance Program

Certemys automated license verfication platform provides organizations with several advantages that help ensure their workforce remains compliant and up-to-date:

Complete Visibility: With Certemy, employers have access to a comprehensive, real-time dashboard with all their employee licensing information. This allows them to quickly verify that their employees are properly licensed and up-to-date.

Reduce Risk: Certemys automated license tracking system ensures that organizations are always in compliance with their industry and can easily avoid costly violations.

Ease of Use: Certemys platform is designed with an intuitive UX that makes it easy for employers to manage and track their employee credentials.

The bottomline

Managing the licensing of your workforce is vitally important to the success of your business and to avoid costly violations. Certemys automated license verification platform provides a comprehensive solution for employers to track and manage all their employee licenses and certifications. With Certemy, organizations can reduce risk, save time, and improve team productivity.


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