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Online compliance is not only an unavoidable component of modern business, but also a complex process with stringent regulations in place. It can be virtually impossible to manually monitor the hundreds if not thousands of licenses and certifications while also staying on top of deadlines. That?s why Certemy is the go-to network for organizations serious about managing their compliance process with ease. Our automated primary source verification system simplifies the process by helping you to accurately validate your employees licenses and certifications in near real-time. With access to a comprehensive dashboard, you can keep track of essential compliance data with just a few clicks.

In the highly competitive professional landscape, certifications are increasingly the determining factor when it comes to who ultimately gets the job. Depending on the organization and its field of expertise, there can be hundreds of different licenses and certifications that applicants will need to possess to even be considered for a position. So what Certemy offers is a straightforward way to verify the authenticity of these credentials across your entire workforce.

The automated primary source verification system means you can quickly validate your employees licenses and certifications, in near real-time. This means access to a comprehensive dashboard to keep track of essential compliance data with a few clicks. No more manual entry and having to continually check state renewal deadlines; Certemy does it all for you.

Our sophisticated operator-assisted license verification service also gives you 100% visibility. Our detailed reports provide you with a better understanding of their credentials and areas of expertise without having to do the manual checks and cross-referencing yourself.

Certemys License Verification service is trusted by some of the largest US employers, who use the platform to save time, mitigate risk, and improve staff utilization. Our intuitive solutions are designed to make tracking employee licenses and exploring credentials easier than ever before. With pre-built workflows to suit any compliance program and real-time tracking of employee licenses, It is the licensee and certification verifier of choice.

Using Certemy ensures that your organizationstays ahead of the competition when it comes to license tracking. In addition to saving valuable time on the process, it also automatically verifies and validates licenses, providing you with greater control over your workforce compliance program.

You can trust that Certemy is committed to offering solutions that provide the best results for both employers and employees alike. Our license verification service is designed to provide total visibility and control over your credential data while also helping to improve team productivity and visibility across the entire organization.

Unlike many other license verification services, Certemy also gives employers an in-depth analysis of their applicant?s credentials. This includes previous licenses and certifications, as well as areas of expertise over multiple locations.

At Certemy, our license verification solution furthermore offers unparalleled scalability and total configuration flexibility – from private, shared, and public verifications to global rollouts and credential modeling.

In summary, Certemy License Verification is the ultimate in data assurance, leveraging the power of accuracy and automation applications to provide you with the most reliable license verification of the highest standard. Experience the power of our leading license verification platform today.


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