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Certiseny is the leading provider of automated license Verification and credential tracking. By using primary source verification, it ensures that employee licenses are active, renewed, and properly sanctioned ? all in real time. This is a must-have tool for any organization that needs to stay ahead of Compliance regulations, track employee credentials, and improve team productivity and visibility.

The complexity of license verification and credential tracking can be daunting, especially for companies with large staffs. But with the right license verification programs, managing your workforce compliance program can be made simple. Here are the steps for effectively utilizing Certemy to create a robust license verification program.

Steps for Setting Up Certemy

Step 1: Implement the Certemy Platform

The first step is to implement the Certemy platform. This requires downloading the software and setting up an account. The software will then take care of primary source verification, tracking licenses and credentials, and providing real-time updates.

Step 2: Set Up Account Admins

Once the platform is set up, It is time to add administrators to the account. Admin accounts will have full access to the platform, allowing them to view and update users, maintain license compliance, and monitor employee credentials.

Step 3: Add Users

The next step is to add users to the system. This can be done manually or by uploading an employee list in bulk.

Step 4: Monitor License Verification

After the users are added, It is time to start monitoring license compliance. This can be done by setting up notification emails for license renewal reminders, alerts for license expiration and sanctions, and tracking license verifications on the platform. This will help to ensure that licenses are always up to date and in compliance.

Step 5: Configure Workflows

Workflows can also be configured to streamline license application processes. This will help reduce paperwork and ensure that all employee licenses are properly managed and tracked.

Advantages of Certemy

There are many advantages to using Certemy for license verification and credential tracking. The platform is easy to use and comes with an intuitive user interface. It also allows for full visibility and control of your license compliance program.

Certemy is also highly secure and compliant with all necessary regulations and standards. All communication between the user and the system is encrypted, and the platform is regularly updated to reflect any changes in the law.

Finally, Certemy is incredibly efficient. It automates a lot of the tedious tasks associated with license verification, freeing up time and resources.


For any company that needs to keep track of employee licenses and credentials, Certemy is the perfect solution. With its automated primary source verification, real-time tracking, and configurable workflows, It is the most effective way to manage your compliance program. With Certemy, you can rest assured that your organizations licenses are always active and up to date, giving you peace of mind and improved staff utilization.


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